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Outdoor.co.nz Limited

After several years of organising trips for friends and family to interesting places, Ross gave up his day job running a computer services company to spend more time travelling and exploring. Outdoor.co.nz is the result.


Adventure Trips

These take place a few times a year, mostly to new and interesting places. Participants tend to be physically active kiwis looking for a moderate degree of challenge. These trips are somewhat shaped by the participants, so we always get together before the trip to complete planning and ensure everyone's expectations are compatible. Fitness levels for these trips vary considerably as we usually run several activity streams within each trip to cater for everything from moderate rate walking fitness to ultra marathoners.

Samoa Tours

These started out as adventure trips and indeed there is plenty of opportunity for adventure in Samoa. They also appeal to families, couples and individuals looking for beach/camping/cycling tours that are a mixture of relaxation and moderate exercise.

In 2011 we added a range of self-guided options where we provide the bike, itinerary and accommodatioon bookings.

In 2013 we opened our Adventure Centre in Mulifanua.  We are now based there and have 50 bikesfor hire.  We also purchased the kayaks of Island Explorer to add sea kayak tours and freedom hires to our services.

Mulifanua is near the airport and ferry terminal to Savaii.

Travel in New Zealand

We are developing a range of services for people wanting adventures in New Zealand. Having organised tramping, kayaking, rafting, camping and running tours for friends, family and clubs for many years, Ross has big list of great places to visit.  He has an even bigger list of places he has not yet visited. Whether you are a group of kiwis wanting an organiser/leader for a family or madcap adventure, or planning to visit New Zealand and wanting a guide, we can help.


Ross Bidmead 

Ross is Chief Guide and Chief Bottle washer.  He is a keen runner and tramper and sometimes Adventure Racer. When not playing outdoors Ross is a Company Director and Motivational Speaker.

Phone: +64 4 4795 447  (NZ home)

             + 64 4 9745214  (Outdoor anywhere)

              0800 688 245 (Outdoor anywhere from New Zealand)

Mobile: +64 21 40 40 89  (NZ)

               +685 768 1530 (Samoa)

Skype: ross.bidmead or 64 4 889 2819


Email: ross@outdoor.co.nz

Hazel Bidmead

Hazel's passions include tramping, rogaining, circus trapeze and travel. She is fluent in Spanish and always keen to lead trips to South America. Her day job is in IT.

Email: Hazel@outdoor.co.nz

Frances Bidmead

Frances brings order, structure and realism to Outdoor.co.nz. She has travelled with Ross for 35 years and brings a calmness to trips that is much appreciated.

Email: Frances@outdoor.co.nz

Phone: +64 4 4795 447

Mobile: +64 21 2379 547

Contact Us

We send out an email with highlights of trips been and ideas for future travel about every 6 weeks (except when we are to busy travelling).

Booking Form

To book on an escorted trip - please download and complete the booking form.

Ross in Samoa


Ross and Hazel on Cho La

A magic day crossing the Cho La Pass near Everest Base Camp.  


Frances in Laos

We were staying in a mountain village in Laos when Frances started sketching the kids.  It was unclear who was entertaining who.

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