Adventure Trips

Every year we organise and lead several trips to interesting places around the world and in New Zealand. Antarctica, Nepal, Samoa, Ecuador, Peru, Patagonia, Stewart Island are some of the places we've been. We've taken families, young adults, and mature citizens. Age is not a barrier but you should come with an open mind looking for a highly memorable experience and ready to stretch yourself a little.
Planned future trips are shown below. If you would like something else organised for you - drop us a note. Some stories from previous trips can be found at Trip Reports.

Patagonia August 2013

Join us skiing, dog sledding and just enjoying winter in the most southern city in the world.  

For more information see the Patagonia Itinerary.


South East Asia Cycling

Vietnam and  Laos by bike November 2013

We have had some great adventures in both Laos and Vietnam and would love to take a small group of cyclists back. Of the many options, my preference is a supported bike journey in the North of Vietnam crossing into Laos. There are a few logistic challenges to sort out and many variations depending on the fitness of the group, but some of the northern roads are quiet and wind through numerous ethnic villages where you can watch the transformation from subsistence to cash ecconomy happening at high speed.

The current plan has us starting in Hanoi, Harlong Bay, then taking the train to Sapa and entering at the top of Laos to travel down river to Maung Noi, on to Luang Prabang and taking in Siem Reap. This pri=ovides opportunities  trekking, elephant riding, zip lining, biking and kayaking, as well as scenery, Ankor Wat and life in general.


This year 2013 we have not yet scheduled  trips to Antarctica, but we are always keen to lead trips back to this region.  

The best trip we ever did was sailing from Ushuaia down to Antarctica and then kayaking and skiing on the Peninsula. The whales, penguins, atmosphere and scenary were magic and even the sailing was fun. This trip can be run any summer. It only needs 6 people in total - so if it appeals -drop a note to

If Antarctica seems a little expensive or a little frightening - or you would rather include some tramping, consider two weeks in the Beagle Channel. There is still opportunity to paddle amongst icebergs from glaciers calving into the sea and great places to explore from safe anchorages.



Patagonia Sail and Kayak

Explore the spectacular fiords of the Chilean parts of the Beagle Channel, where the glaciers calve directly into the sea. Paddle with the dolphins and amongst the icebergs.

Trips can be arranged for October/November or March/April.

See the Patagonia Kayak page for more details.

Enquire Now

To start your adventure planning call 0800 outbiking, email;  or use the simple enquiry form; at the bottom of the page.

Lead your own Adventure

We specialise in helping people organise their own adventures, any time of year - To Nepal or Samoa.  

In Samoa we can organise bikes, accommodation and transport.

In Nepal we provide a local guide, meet you at the airport and take care of nearly all the detail planning. But the most important part is that we build custom trips to suit your interests and abilities.  

New Zealand guides are available to lead or support any of these trips.

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