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Patagonia Sail and Kayak

The Plan

Explore the spectacular fiords of the Chilean parts of the Beagle Channel, where the glaciers calve directly into the sea. Paddle with the dolphins and amongst the icebergs.

We will be based on the yacht Spirit of Sydney, with opportunities to undertake multi day kayak and camping trips or just enjoy the relative comfort of the yacht where you can enjoy barbequed lamb with good Argentine merlots. Charles Darwin and Fitzroy explored and charted this region for over a year aboard the Beagle. But when we visited in March we only saw one other vessel in 10 days.


Trips can be arranged for October/november or March/April.

What experience is required?

Potentially anyone with a sense of fun and adventure can join the trip. However, we most strongly encourage you to have basis sea kayak skills including self rescue. You will need these skills for the longer trips.

What fitness is required?

Participants should be in reasonable health. The trip can accommodate a wide range of fitness levels.

What Attitude is required

A sense of adventure and a willingness to get in and help make the trip a success. The living aboard the yacht is quite close. Being keen and ready to get off the boat at every opportunity greatly improves the general enjoyment.


The yacht accommodation is cosy (tight) so don’t expect too much privacy aboard.

There is a good shower, the yacht is extremely well heated and the galley is delight to cook in.

Is there more to do?

Heaps—stay on for a trek in World Heritage Torres del Paine, visit and camp at historic Harberton Estancia, tramp one of the many good circuits, kayak the lakes or just shop in Ushuaia.

How Much?

Including airfares from New Zealand, full Board yacht charter (includes wine and beer with meals) and kayak hire: Estimated price  NZ$7,900.  However those that book a full boat (6-7 people) may be able to organise a discount.

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Glaciers meet the sea

In the Beagle channel there are numerous glaciers that still calve into the sea.  Kayaking amongst their icebergs is a special delight.

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For more information call 0800 outbiking or email or complete this form.