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There is a saying that in Thailand they drive on the left, In Laos on the right and in Vietnam on either side of the road. There is a law that says they drive on the right, but it's perfectly acceptable to drive short distances on the left, especially if the traffic is busy and it's hard to get across the road. Officially there are no rules at intersections. No stop signs, no right or left hand rules - just everyone has to take care to avoid an accident. It works better than it sounds, but it takes some getting used to.

We spent eight great days exploring northern Vietnam on on 160cc Honda motorbikes.  The roads were often challenging and the air hot, but the mountains were spectacular and we discovered a Vietnam vastly different from the hustling pace of the big cities; full of people struggling to balance traditional village life with a rapidly modernising world.

Our thoughts as we travelled (such as they were were fit for publication) can be found on the trip blog.